21 Seconds: FedEx Moves Quickly on Issue Communication

A one-hour webinar featuring Shea Leordeanu, Crisis & Operations Media Relations Manager, FedEx. Leordeanu reviews the strategic decisions made within the first hours of a viral 2011 incident, then relives the lessons as FedEx responded quickly and openly.

Around the world, media calendars in the week before Christmas fill with stories of harried shoppers and last-minute shipping. FedEx actively pitches holiday media coverage as its services perfectly match this top story line. A short, 21-second video posted just six days before Christmas 2011 threatened to change the happy FedEx elves to The Grinch. Luckily, just a few weeks prior, Leordeanu’s team trained area management on reputational attack response using a theoretical example of fast-moving viral video. Their social media experiences can help you sharpen this important vehicle for communication on urgent issues.

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