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Corporate Public Issues and Their Management (CPI)

CPI is the original and leading Issue Management report, providing readers with unique access to an insider’s examination of how practitioners and leaders successfully use Issue Management “in the field.” CPI travels the world to probe for, create and share the most innovative Issue Management best practices and tools used by real companies to manage real issues.

Through the pages of CPI, you’ll receive unduplicated, hands-on, practical guidance on how to advise your organization as its Issue Management Process Leader.


Aim for the Zone of Constructive Engagement

When leadership is surprised by new external confrontation, a gut-reaction response is natural, but can be very costly. This 12-page paper helps you better anticipate the challenge and take stock of the true costs and implications so that your organization’s response is more rational. Five strategic stances are explored, three of which represent constructive engagement with critics. The paper closes with a few questions to ask yourself as you navigate the turbulence.

Authors Rick Ferraro and Teresa Yancey Crane each has more than three decades’ experience working directly with companies to help practitioners develop, learn and deploy best practices in the Issue Management discipline to drive executive decision making on topics that can be intangible and unpredictable.

Print Version (12 pages) – US$24.95

Electronic Version Licensed for In-house Use – US$124.95

Issue Management: A Primer

In an operating environment that is always under scrutiny and susceptible to viral comment, the CEO-centric business model that generates short-term shareholder value at the expense of other strategic stakeholders is now obsolete. The new paradigm demands that there be “no surprises” and that corporate policies “do no harm” in an arena that increasingly offers “no place to hide.”

This 12-page paper introduces the concept of Issue Management and identifies the principal participants. It describes the issue life cycle and illustrates an example of a weekly workflow including inputs and deliverables and continues with an evolution of Issue Management considering four levels of public interface. To close, the authors suggest operational requirements that characterize a strategically relevant global Issue Management process.

Authors Michael Palese and Teresa Yancey Crane each has more than three decades’ experience working directly with companies to help practitioners develop, learn and deploy best practices in the Issue Management discipline.

Print Version (12 pages) – US$24.95

Electronic Version Licensed for In-house Use – US$249.50

Issue Process Steward Job Description – US$10.00

Looking to define the scope of your work? This succinct one-page document describes the job of Issue Process Steward, a Director or Vice President level officer who is chief issue management advocate. Included are primary responsibilities, suitable prerequisite experience and some of the personal traits that characterize excellence in the field.


The Issue Management Process Model

The Issue Management process model and step-by-step guide are useful tools for the practitioner of issue management. The chart appears in full color, as a wall chart, and was developed by the editors of “Corporate Public Issues.” The guide is 15 pages in length.

Print Version – US$45.00


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Issue, Crisis, Risk, Problem: Distinguishing What We Do

Featuring Teresa Yancey Crane, Editor, Corporate Public Issues

Price: US$60.00


Breaking Bad News: 12 Essential Crisis Communication Tools

Jeff Hahn – ISBN: 978-1-7345700-9-0
Hard Cover, 283 pages, 2020
Price: US$24.95

Crisis Counsel: Navigating Legal and Communication Conflict

Tony Jaques – ISBN: 978-1-944480-65-3
Paperback, 363 pages, 2020
Price: US$74.99

Corporate Smokejumper

Gil Meyer – ISBN: 978-0-9913288-1-9
Paperback, 190 pages, 2017
Price: US$24.95


Crisis Proofing: How To Save Your Company From Disaster

Tony Jaques – ISBN: 978-0-1903-0336-5
Paperback, 256 pages, 2016
Price: US$40.00


Crisis, Issues and Reputation Management

Andrew Griffin – ISBN: 978-0-7494-6992-4
Paperback, 256 pages, 2014
Price: US$39.95


Strategic Issues Management – Organizations and Public Policy Challenges 2nd Edition

Robert Heath – ISBN: 978-1-4129-5211-8
Paperback, 412 pages, 2009
Price: US$90.00


Strategic Reputation Risk Management

Judy Larkin – ISBN: 0-333-99554-6
Hardcover, 276 pages, 2003
Price: US$79.95


Don’t Just Stand There – The Do-It Plan™ For Effective Issue Management

Tony Jaques – ISBN: 1-74018-135-2
Paperback, 136 pages, 2000
Price: US$24.95

RadarScan Issues Management Book Cover

RadarScan Issues Management

Mark E. Affleck – ISBN: 0-913869-06-6
Paperback, 98 pages, May 1998
Price: US$18.95

Anticipatory Management: 10 Power Tools for Achieving Excellence Into The 21st Century

William C. Ashley and James L. Morrison – ISBN: 0-913869-05-8
Paperback, 290 pages, November 1995
Price: US$32.95


The Critical Issues Audit

Eli Sopow – ISBN: 0-013869-04-X
Spiral bound, 122 pages, October 1994
Price: US$26.95


Maxims For The Issue Manager

Randall L. Scheel – ISBN: 0-913869-02-3
Paperback, 85 pages, January 1991
Price: US$16.95

IM Origins

Issue Management: Origins of the Future

W. Howard Chase – ISBN: 0-913869-015
Hardcover, 170 pages, May 1984
Price: US$26.95

Social Change and Corporate Strategy: The Expanding Role of Public Affairs

Andrew B. Gollner, Ph.D. – ISBN: 0-913869-00-7
Hardcover, 205 pages, December 1983
Price: US$32.95