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Since coining the term “issue management” in 1976, CPI editors continue to probe for, create and share with our readers the most innovative and effective issue management tools available. Through CPI, you receive unduplicated, hands-on, practical guidance on how to advise your organization as its Issue Process Steward. This is a unique intelligence report that is practical yet provocative and geared toward your success.



These exclusive webinars offer instructive Issue Management knowledge and skills that can be embedded across organizational lines. The insights garnered from the sessions will further strengthen and hone your company’s issue management practices.


Breaking Bad News
The centerpiece of Breaking Bad News is the reputation Dissonance Model, formed through years of research, design and testing in dozens of crisis communication situations in a variety of industries. The model makes a big promise: If brands can effectively perform five actions, in sequence, they can successfully navigate virtually any bad news break.
Crisis Counsel
The corporate lawyer recommends saying as little as possible and waiting until the full facts are known to avoid compromising any future litigation. The communicator wants to proactively speak out to demonstrate that the company cares and to protect reputation. This book is about the factors that drive that disparity of advice and how you can help to develop a response which assesses competing counsel...
Corporate Smokejumper
The front lines of corporate crisis management are hot and sweaty. The lessons learned are hard won, and the experiences are not for the faint of heart. This book will give you the inside perspective of a veteran practitioner who, throughout his career, developed creative ways for addressing the gut-wrenching challenges that come with leading the response to high-stakes crises.
Crisis Proofing
Crisis Proofing introduces readers to the concept of crisis proofing the corporation to help business executives and communication professionals recognize that a crisis is one of the greatest financial and reputational risks to an organization. It provides practical steps on what can be done to reduce the chances of a crisis and how to minimize the damage if a crisis should occur.
Crisis, Issues and Reputation Management
Reputations are acknowledged by corporate leaders to be their most important assets, but are they properly understood, proactively managed and protected from potentially damaging issues and crises? In this book. Andrew Griffin looks at where risks to reputation come from and how organizations can predict, prevent and prepare for them.
Strategic Issues Management
Strategic Issues Management explores the strategic planning options that organizations can employ to address crucial public policy issues, engage in collaborative decision making, get the organization's "house" in order, engage in tough defense and smart offense, and monitor opinion changes that affect public policy.
Strategic Reputation Risk Management
This book focuses on how enhanced reputation can contribute to commercial asset management. It also looks at how reputation loss can erode the ability of business to retain market share, maximize shareholder value, raise finance, manage debt and remain independent.
Don't Just Stand There - The Do-It Plan™
While organizations often commit very costly resources to Crisis Management - planning and implementing what to do when a Crisis has struck - leading corporations are increasingly recognizing that many crises start as Issues And they are turning to Issue Management as a cost-effective discipline for taking control of Issues and avoiding Crises.
Tools described in this succinct manual include the Issue Probability-Impact-Risk Assessment worksheet, the Issue Summary, a 20-step Persuasion Guide, and the RadarScan Issues Management Model, which begins with assessing the Organizational "Soul" as a values filter for action.
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Origin of Issue Management

The seminal first edition of CPI, where Howard Chase coined the term “Issue Management” and wrote about the concept for the first time, April 15, 1976.

The Expert Answers

CPI Editor and Issue Management expert, Teresa Yancey Crane, offers her answers to common Issue Management questions in CPI editorial articles, free to download.

Question: Is the name of the discipline Issue or Issues Management?

Answer: Issue Management: A “Singular Sensation?”


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