Breaking Bad News: 12 Essential Crisis Communication Tools

The centerpiece of Breaking Bad News is the reputation Dissonance Model, formed through years of research, design and testing in dozens of crisis communication situations in a variety of industries. The model makes a big promise: If brands can effectively perform five actions, in sequence, they can successfully navigate virtually any bad news break.

Breaking Bad News is not abstract strategy. It is a set of proven tools ready for use whenever unexpected situations, malicious events or head-scratching screw ups happen and brand reputation is threatened.

Jeff Hahn 978-1-7345700-9-0 Hard Cover, 283 pages, 2020



Table of Contents




Chapter 1 Models, Munger and More

Chapter 2 Reputation Dissonance

Chapter 3 Thing One and Thing Two – The Rapid Response Team and its Plan

Chapter 4 The Bad-News Break and the Tick-Tock Box

Chapter 5 Zero to 15 Minutes – Rapid Response Team Activation and Situation Briefing

Chapter 6 Fifteen to 30 Minutes – Holding Statement

Chapter 7 Thirty to 60 Minutes – Message

Chapter 8 Sixty to 65 Minutes – Messenger

Chapter 9 Sixty-five to 90 Minutes – Messenger Preparation

Chapter 10 Ninety to 120 Minutes – Method of Delivery

Chapter 11 Restoration and the Earned Reputation Flywheel

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