Corporate Smokejumper

The front lines of corporate crisis management are hot and sweaty.  The lessons learned are hard won, and the experiences are not for the faint of heart.  This book will give you the inside perspective of a veteran practitioner who, throughout his career, developed creative ways for addressing the gut-wrenching challenges that come with leading the response to high-stakes crises.

Gil Meyer knows how to manage crises that have no good solutions.  In his roles at DuPont and elsewhere, time and again he took on the challenges of leading the response to a wide range of crises:  massive natural disasters, tragic industrial accidents, pandemic and infectious disease threats, expensive product quality problems, and much more.  In the pages of this book, he offers you the tools he created to help manage crises as well as tips on how to use them.

In Corporate Smokejumper, with wit and wisdom, Meyer weaves tales from inside steamy crisis rooms where the no-win decisions are made.
Gil Meyer (978-0-9913288-1-9) Paperback, 190 pages, 2017



Table of Contents


1 Already a Crisis?

2 Crisis Management is a Journey

3 How Do I Know If a ProbIem Is Really a Crisis?

4 The Fire Alarm

5 Anatomy of a Crisis

6 Context of the Crisis

7 Crisis Planning

8 Crisis Preparedness

9 Facilities and Systems

10 When a Crisis Strikes

11 Structuring for Efficiency and Effectiveness

12 Setting the Pace for Effective Management

13 Getting the Word Out

14 Making Tough Decisions

15 Managing a Crisis in Social Media

16 Aftermath

17 Learning

18 Conclusions



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