Crisis Counsel: Navigating Legal and Communication Conflict

The corporate lawyer recommends saying as little as possible and waiting until the full facts are known to avoid compromising any future litigation. The communicator wants to proactively speak out to demonstrate that the company cares and to protect reputation. This book is about the factors that drive that disparity of advice and how you can help to develop a response which assesses competing counsel and navigates between what’s legally right and what’s right in the long-term interests of your organization and its stakeholders, and ultimately your reputation.

This book will help you to:

• Balance reputation protection and legal obligation during a crisis
• Know why and how to apologize without increasing liability
• Learn from original research which lets lawyers and communicators speak in their own words
• Motivate lawyers and communicators to work better together

Tony Jaques 978-1-944480-65-3 Paperback, 363 pages, 2020



Table of Contents

Introduction: Managing Conflicting Advice, and Why It’s Important

Chapter 1 Roles and Responsibilities: Who Does What In a Crisis?

Chapter 2 Lawyers’ Insights

Chapter 3 Cases: product Crises and Why They Hurt

Chapter 4 Why Should I Apologize?

Chapter 5 How to Apologize

Chapter 6 Case Studies: Patently Obvious Risk

Chapter 7 Dealing With The Media

Chapter 8 Doing What’s right – Liability Versus Responsibility

Chapter 9 Marathon Cases: In For the Long Haul

Chapter 10 Talking to Global Experts

Chapter 11 What To do Now

Chapter 12 Looking Forward – A Personal Perspective


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