Crisis, Issues and Reputation Management

Reputations are acknowledged by corporate leaders to be their most important assets, but are they properly understood, proactively managed and protected from potentially damaging issues and crises? In this book, Andrew Griffin looks at where risks to reputation come from and how organizations can predict, prevent and prepare for them. He provides advice on how to devise issue-resolution strategies, respond to fast-moving crises and recover reputation following a crisis. Drawing on a diverse range of case studies, the book provides practical advice and guidance as well as insight and analysis.
Andrew Griffin (978-0-7494-6992-4) Paperback, 256 pages 2014



Table of Contents

Reputation:  what it is and why it matters

The challenging climate in which reputations are managed

What are the risks to reputation?

Externally driven issues

Internally driven issues

Externally driven incidents

Internally driven incidents

Interrelated risks

Managing reputation risk through the life cycle

Predicting reputation risk

Preventing reputation risk

Preparing for acute reputation risk

Resolving risks to reputation

Responding to immediate reputation risk

Recovering from reputation damage

Where next for crisis, issues and reputation management?

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