Crisis Proofing: How to Save your Company from Disaster

All organizations- regardless of size, structure or nature of business are vulnerable to a crisis and one of the greatest vulnerabilities is the belief that it wont happen to us. No organization is immune: the threat and impact of a crisis applies equally to corporations, governments, charities and not-for-profit organizations, as well as institutions such as hospitals and schools.

Tony Jaques (978-0190303365) Paperback, 240 pages, 2017



Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Why Crisis Proofing is Important

Chapter 2: Opportunity and the Penalty For Bad Behavior

Chapter 3: The High Cost of Not Crisis Proofing

Chapter 4: How to Know A Crisis is Coming

Chapter 5: Getting the Language Right

Chapter 6: Fitting it All Together

Chapter 7: Actions You Can Take to Prevent a Crisis Happening in the First Place

Chapter 8: Taking A Strategic Approach

Chapter 9: Things You Can Do To Prepare For The Obvious Crises

Chapter 10: Putting The Crisis Plan Together

Chapter 11: How to Minimise Damage When A Crisis Strikes

Chapter 12: What to Do After the Crisis Seems to be Over

Chapter 13: No, It’s Not Just About Facts and Data

Chapter 14: No, It’s Not Just About the Law Either

Chapter 15: Why Lawyers Don’t Like You to Apologise

Chapter 16: Social Media: Both a Strength and a Threat

Chapter 17: Social Media: Do it Fast and Do it Right

Chapter 18: Managing Crises Across Borders

Chapter 19: Recognising and Responding to Cross-Border Crises

Chapter 20: It’s All About Leadership


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