Don’t Just Stand There – The Do-It Plan™ For Effective Issue Management

While organizations often commit very costly resources to Crisis Management – planning and implementing what to do when a Crisis has struck – leading corporations are increasingly recognizing that many crises start as Issues. And they are turning to Issue Management as a cost-effective discipline for taking control of Issues and avoiding Crises. As a result, Issue Management is now recognized as a bottom line business discipline essential to effective Management. The Do-it Plan™ provides a simple, user-friendly tool to simplify planning, managing, implementing and evaluating strategies and tactics to deliver impact on significant Issues.

Tony Jaques (1-74018-135-2)
Paperback, 136 pages, 2000



Table of Contents

Chapter One: Taking control

Chapter Two: Oh No! Not another ‘Plan’

Chapter Three: What is an Issue?

Chapter Four: But I don’t want to be an Issue Manager

Chapter Five: The Issue Management Team

Chapter Six: Step One – Defining the Issue

Chapter Seven: Step Two – Setting the Objective

Chapter Eight: Step Three – Agreeing on Intended Outcomes

Chapter Nine: Step Four – Tactics to Deliver the Plan

Chapter Ten: Reality Check

Chapter Eleven: Evaluation and Review

Chapter Twelve: Go do it

Appendix: Fully worked Case Study

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