Issue Management: A Primer

In an operating environment that is always under scrutiny and susceptible to viral comment, the CEO-centric business model that generates short-term shareholder value at the expense of other strategic stakeholders is now obsolete. The new paradigm demands that there be “no surprises” and that corporate policies “do no harm” in an arena that increasingly offers “no place to hide.”

This 12-page paper introduces the concept of Issue Management and identifies the principal participants. It describes the issue life cycle and illustrates an example of a weekly workflow including inputs and deliverables and continues with an evolution of Issue Management considering four levels of public interface. To close, the authors suggest operational requirements that characterize a strategically relevant global Issue Management process.

Authors Michael Palese and Teresa Yancey Crane each has more than three decades’ experience working directly with companies to help practitioners develop, learn and deploy best practices in the Issue Management discipline.

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Table of Contents

Issue Management Defined – Page 2

Issue Life Cycle Management – Page 3

Principal Internal Roles in Issue Management – Page 6

External Interface with Key Audiences – Page 7

A Workflow Example – Page 8

Operational Requirements for Issue Management Success – Page 12

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