Part 2 – Stakeholder Management

This one-hour presentation is Part 2 of the 3-part webinar series, Issues for the Reputationally Impaired, featuring Dr. John Mahon, Chair of International Business Policy and Strategy, Professor of Management at the University of Maine.

You’re in the spotlight again – or perhaps anticipate being there soon.  If your reputation is a bit tarnished (perhaps unfairly), there’s more than one strategic response. Dr. Mahon examines and offers examples on how to “Discard, Conceal, Redefine, Transfer and Create” responses to critical issues. Mahon will talk principles and pragmatism, including:

  • Asking three questions to identify the building blocks for your improved reputation
  • Mapping your Reputation
  • Creating Reputational Stickiness
  • Implementing the Process of Reputation Management
  • Balancing the cause and effects of Multiple Reputations
  • Understanding the dangers of the Reputation Commons Problem

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