Social Change and Corporate Strategy: The Expanding Role of Public Affairs

Canadian author Andrew B. Gollner illuminates the societal forces that are transforming relations among business, government, labor and other institutions. Based on face-to-face interviews with public affairs practitioners in Canada and the United States, written survey questionnaires, and the most extensive literature search to date, this is an authoritative and well-researched book on public affairs.

Andrew B. Gollner, Ph.D. (0-913869-00-7) Hardcover, 205 pages, 1983



Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Underlying Concepts and Premises

Chapter 2: The Societal Forces Transforming Corporate Agenda

Chapter 3: The Dynamics of Expanding State Intervention and Public Policy

Chapter 4: The Boundaries of Corporate Social Involvement

Chapter 6: The Driving Forces of Corporate Public Affairs

Chapter 7: The Emerging Public Affairs Curriculum: Is There an Educational Challenge? A Review of Canadian and American Educational/Research Programmes

Appendix: List of Interviewees

Selected Bibliography


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