Strategic Issues Management – Organizations and Public Policy Challenges 2nd Edition

Strategic Issues Management explores the strategic planning options that organizations can employ to address crucial public policy issues, engage in collaborative decision making, get the organization’s “house” in order, engage in tough defense and smart offense, and monitor opinion changes that affect public policy. In this fully updated Second Edition, authors Robert L. Heath and Michael J. Palenchar offer practical, actionable guidance that readers can apply to organizations from large Fortune 500 companies to nongovernmental organizations and start-up high-tech companies.

Robert L. Heath (978-1-4129-5211-8) Paperback, 412 pages, 2009



Table of Contents


Chapter 1: A Foundation of Community

Chapter 2: Historical Foundations

Chapter 3: Scouting the Terrain

Chapter 4: Corporate Responsibility (CSR)

Chapter 5: Special Interest Activists as Foes or Allies

Chapter 6: Issues Communication

Chapter 7: Obligations and Constraints on Issues Communication

Chapter 8: Issues Management and Crisis Communication

Chapter 9: Issues Management and Risk Communication

Chaper 10: Brand Equity and Organizational Reputation



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