Strategic Reputation Risk Management

Reputation is a commercially valuable asset. This book focuses upon how enhanced reputation can contribute to commercial asset management through increased share price premium and competitive performance. It also looks at how reputation loss can significantly erode the ability of business successfully to retain market share, maximize shareholder value, raise finance, manage debt and remain independent. It provides practical models and checklists designed to plan reputation management and risk communications strategies.

Judy Larkin (0-333-99554-6) Hardcover, 276 pages, 2003



Table of Contents

Chapter One: What’s different about reputation today and why is there a sense of urgency?

Chapter Two: How to manage reputation risk

Chapter Three: Perception or reality? A risky business

Chapter Four: The consumer awakes

Chapter Five: Expanding liabilities, science and the precautionary principle – the greatest risk of all?

Chapter Six: Corporate social responsibility – the new moral code for doing business?

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