Teresa Yancey Crane is the founder and CEO of Issue Management Innovators, a private consulting firm that helps clients create issue management tools and processes that best serve their unique needs, structure and personality. She also serves as President of two related companies, the publishing firm Issue Action Publications, Inc., (which Crane founded in 1982) and the Issue Management Council, a non-profit global membership community she formed in 1988. All three enterprises are dedicated to helping professionals anticipate and successfully resolve issues through effective management processes. Crane has observed and participated in the evolution of the field of issue management since 1979, when she began writing for Corporate Public Issues and Their Management, an intelligence report that brings corporations access to literally hundreds of process applications and case studies collected during 35+ years. A native of Richmond, Virginia and a graduate of Randolph-Macon Woman’s College with a degree in economics, Crane began her career in issue management as an assistant to W. Howard Chase, the originator of the term and the field’s early disciplines. In 1977, Crane was part of the team that developed the first Issue Management Process Model, at the heart of which is the interaction among citizens, business, and government, the push and pull relationship that governs our society and serves as the nemesis of all issues.